As an LPFM 97.9 is a Non-Commercial radio station and does not sell business advertising. We do, however, air business underwriting announcements which is a tool created and authorized by the FCC for non-commercial stations to use to raise their opperating funds. While not exactly the same as commercials, underwriting announcements offer many of the same benefits to businesses and often at a much lower investment.

Underwriting is an Effective Public Relations Opportunity

What Is Underwriting?
97.9 The Rock is licensed as a non-commercial low power radio station. The FCC authorizes non-commercial stations to acknowledge gifts or grants from businesses who underwrite our programming. Recognition of those gifts on the air is referred to as an underwriting message.

Who Can Underwrite?
Businesses, Churches, or organizations who want to support our Christian Rock radio ministry by underwriting or sponsoring a portion of our program can receive "on-air" acknowledgment of their support through an underwriting announcement.

When Businesses and corporations were surveyed about their underwriting on non-commercial radio, they identified three significant benefits:

  • Companies see underwriting as a parallel to advertising, a cost-effective way to put their company name before an audience of well educated, professional and quality conscious consumers.

  • They view their support as a contribution to the community where they do business, just as they would give to another non-profit organization. They build goodwill, enhance their image among employees and shareholders, demonstrate a quality institution, and augment their public relations program.

  • Christian radio is a message-oriented medium. In a day when radio stations are nothing more than background mediums, people tune to Christian radio for the message it conveys.
Contact us and see how we can work together. If your business or organization would like to financially supoort 97.9 The Rock by becoming an underwriter partner please email us at: